2016 Technologist Of The Year
Women of Color|Fall 2016

Dr. Boskovic leads a large research group that builds understanding in optics, surface science, and thin films in order to make important inventions. These innovations are for high bandwidth communications, data center applications around the world for productivity and higher capacity, and novel glass surfaces.

Lango Deen

Dr. Aleksandra Boskovic Research Director, Optics, Surfaces, and Integration Technologies Corning Incorporated

“Aleksandra is an excellent example of professional achievement for women in science and technology,” noted Dr. David L. Morse, executive vice president and chief technology officer.

As one of our top leaders in research and development, she is setting the example for others to follow. She coaches and mentors employees inside and outside of her organization; with women employees in a variety of forums, she shares her career stories and how she overcame career obstacles. Aleksandra is a role model for many women and men,” he said.

Dr. Boskovic’s career began in physics, recalled Dr. Gary S. Calabrese, senior vice president for Corning Global Research, in a letter of recommendation several months before the 2016 Women of Color STEM Conference.

“She was instrumental in establishing an important system of modeling tools to help design, test, and manufacture our products,” he added.

Dr. Boskovic has five patents that enable telecommunications systems around the world to keep up with bandwidth growth at the speed of light. She invented an optical networking device for optical networks with increased transparency, a four-wave mixing reduction method in lightwave transmission, and an optical communication system with a fiber link capable of transmitting optical signals with high optical launch power over long distances. Her most recent invention is an optical communication system for use in communication networks.

“My inventions are related to bandwidth growth,” Dr. Bos“ kovic explained on the telephone.

“They are all related to optical telecommunications systems. There are different ways and methods we can improve those systems to increase the bandwidth, which is basically how much information we can put in them,” she said.

Optical fiber and wireless technologies for high-speed communications networks are among several products that Corning offers. Others include emissions-control products for cars and trucks. There’s also glass tubing that Corning’s global customers shape into vials, cartridges, ampules and syringes, or drug storage and delivery convert. Since 2007 more than 4.5 billion devices have been designed with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, perhaps including the one you’re reading on now. Corning’s latest high-performance glass has been successfully incorporated into high-resolution smartphones and tablets that feature upward of 500 pixels per inch.

In her previous role as leader of Corning’s European Technology Center (CETC) in France, Boskovic firmed up the lab’s reputation as a center of excellence on the forming of glass. The lab delivered improvements to Corning’s glass melting technology as well as new glass ceramic recipes.

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