Young Love or Infatuation?
Woman's Era|March 2021
Teenage Love Can Be A Confusing Emotion.
Himshikha Shukla

Teenage couples often have people tell them that young love rarely lasts. These people aren't trying to be mean; they are trying to save teenagers from heartache. Chances are these people had their hearts broken by young love in the past and are trying to spare the feelings of the teenager they are talking to. But every teenager has the same response to this—it's going to be different for us.

There are some young couples and high school sweethearts that make it. They stand the test of time. Their exciting young relationship grows and develops into true love. However, for every high school couple that remains together, there are many more that don't. And, of the couples that do get married after high school, over 50% of them get divorced before they have been married for ten years.

Young love carries a lot of emotion with it. It can be an incredibly wonderful and intense emotion. It can also be extremely confusing. Love is difficult for many mature adults to manage, making it that much harder for teenagers. However, just because it's confusing doesn't mean that young love isn't real. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it's not. Here are some things to remember about young love.

Teenagers start a crush mostly to be able to say “I have a boy- or girlfriend,'' and to start to know the opposite sex. In fact, they are not falling in love as they never experience the sense of caring, commitment, and completeness in the relationship. They lack social skills and control over their emotions which can all make the relationship difficult.

Romantic relationships can have very unhealthy outcomes. By cutting themselves off from friendship and other supportive networks, they can compromise the identity formation. Adolescents can be exposed to abusive and violent interactions or unwanted or coerced sexual activity within their romantic relationships. Aggression between romantic partners is common and when it occurs online, the ex-partners may share private photos or information on social media, causing embarrassment or humiliation. Some have been surprisingly seen to accept these situations by interpreting them as reflections of love, jealousy and overly possessive behaviours.

Infatuation Is Confused With Love

Relationships are confusing for young people because they are experiencing feelings of romantic love and attraction for the first time. They are just starting to figure it all out. Since these are feelings that many mature adults struggle with, you can only imagine how much more of a struggle it can be for teenagers. The first feelings that preteens and teens usually experience are feelings of infatuation or a crush. The feelings are more intense than the young person is used to, and are easily mistaken for love.

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