What's Your Sexual Side?
Woman's Era|March 2021
Getting comfortable with sexuality.
Deepshikha Pandey

Every person is a sexual being, and the best person who can tell if you’re happy with your sexual side is none other than you. If you came from a conservative family or cultural background, you might have some hesitations about expressing your sexual side to the fullest. But you don’t have to think twice about doing it, so long as you’re not hurting yourself or anybody. As an adult, you’re responsible for your own body and finding the best ways to provide what it needs.

A crucial step to feel more comfortable with your sexual side is to know your sexual needs. Because every person is unique— each has his or her sexual priorities. For example, one might need sex at least thrice a week to feel fulfilled, while others need daily stimulation to attain sexual satisfaction.

Sexual stimulation can be triggered by a person or a thing, such as a personal private part massager or vibrator. On the other hand, ladies can use their fingers or vibrators and find this act acceptable and sexually fulfilling.

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