Virtual Reality Or Cybersex?
Woman's Era|March 2021
How adult VR for women has changed during the lockdown.
A. Kartikeyan

With the chaos brought by the pandemic early this year, people were forced to restrict themselves in numerous activities involving social connections and physical gatherings. Health protocols included social distancing and limiting one’s self from going to public places, unless necessary. Because of this, many people have not been able to go out and meet with their loved ones, but the digital platform has made communicating with them still possible.

As physical connection and touch are no longer advisable yet, people’s desire to make new relationships with others ignited. Dating apps experienced a surge in newcomers and activity today than in the pre-COVID era. During the onset of the pandemic, Tinder and other prominent dating apps experienced an increase of 10% to 15% in messages sent. Basically, the numbers tell everything.

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