To Be or Not To Be!
Woman's Era|September 2021
Unhappy parents together or happy parents apart?
Isha Jain

Let's close our eyes for a few minutes and imagine a scenario. Your child is about the age of a toddler and he is slowly beginning to understand things. He is trying to differentiate between what is good and what is bad. What is happy and sad. But wait, he is going through this process of understanding things all alone because you and your partner are too busy arguing with one another.

Your child is in his room, under the bed probably scared because of all the screaming and loud noises. Whom does he run to protect himself from all of the yellings, he wants to hide in the security blanket of his parents' arms but he can't. So what does he do instead, he keeps all of his feelings to himself and swallows all of his fears. Open your eyes now, does this situation sound scary to you?

To be or not to be together is a question that entails the knowledge and understanding of various aspects which are somewhat related and fall in the close peripherals of this question.

You can't in any circumstances come up with a decision without considering your own and the fragile feelings of your children. This whole process can get very overwhelming, especially if you are already burnt out because of your toxic relationship.

Such a crucial decision can never be made in haste as it will only lead to regrets and sorrows in the long run. A lot of thinking and dwelling over certain things is needed in making this decision. Here are a few things you might want to consider before you jump at a conclusion.

Get out of a Toxic relationship

There is no bigger crime that you can commit for yourself and even your children. Being a part of a relationship which is majorly dependent upon insecurity, lack of understanding, unwanted control and supremacy is only going to make you lose your identity and self-worth. If this is how you would describe your marriage life, then you need to see the right opportunity and get out as the least you want is for your children to see you degrading yourself.

Are you thinking about society?

Being born and brought up in India, it is not a new thing to think about society before you make any sort of decision. After all, it will just take a few hours for the aunty in your neighbour to bad mouth you or your partner and to cook up a story that can have more twists and turns than a Bollywood commercial movie.

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