Tips For Sustainable Living
Woman's Era|October 2021
Tips for Sustainable Living.
Biimla Arya

The thing I love most about practicing good green habits? Nine times out of ten, they're also the more frugal option. Being environmentally friendly is also good economics—in our home and budget. and with the earth. There are lots of little things we can do in our homes to play our small part in reducing landfill waste, cleaning the air, and preserving the natural landscape. But we double our efforts when we get our kids involved, helping them understand the why to our what.

Being eco-wise is about celebrating creation, being good stewards with what we're given, and passing on those values to the next generation. Environment-friendly ways are easy to fallows try them out.

Buy a stainless steel water bottle and refill it with your own water. It's much more earth-friendly than always buying water in plastic bottles and throwing them away. I take mine with me wherever I go!

Turn out the lights when you leave the house, and having a programmable thermostat is wonderful.

Leave your car at home, and walk/bike/take public transit wherever you can. I'm an avid walker, and love the way it keeps me in motion, while not creating more pollution!

I have three elementary school aged children who grow out of clothing quickly but not all of it is in good enough condition to be reborn. Rather than trash the clothing that cannot be reborn, I take off all the buttons working zippers, and any other embellishments that can be up, crafted and re-use in my crocheting and knitting projects.

I scan knitting patterns and put them into a picture folder on my iPhone rather than make paper copies or printouts when possible. I've learned there are very few patterns I actually need paper copies of.

I keep a cute Mickey Mouse bag in my purse in addition to the stash of bags in my car. This way, I am never caught without a reusable bag.

We also save old white T-shirts and socks for rags for wiping glue and other misc projects.

Instead of using a paper towel every time you wash your hands put a towel by the sink that is JUST for hands and one JUST for dishes and counters. It is the little things that add up.

Learn how to cook from scratch. Less waste and lower in sodium as well! Also, find creative uses for old clothes and household items.

My green tip is to use organic cotton yarn to make your own grocery bags. I used a simple mesh bag pattern from Sarita magazine. I love my bags and they hold a HUGE amount of groceries and are very washable. I have requested all the time from people to make them a bag or two.

Instead of buying books, try your local library! You can rent books, movies, music, DVD's for free.

Plant native plants to your specific area! Have less lawn! Native plants conserve water, feed local insects and animals, have deep roots that loosen the soil and build soil filth, don't need fertilizer and are beautiful. I could go on and on.

Take a good look around each room in the house and make note of the things that have become clutter and aren't used anymore. Have 15 minute decluttering sessions sorting items into give away, throw out and put away. Make sure the 'give aways' get out to the car when you are done. Take five minutes to take to put aways back in their original location. Your clutter can be another person's treasure.

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