The Stranger Who taught Me Love and Live Life
Woman's Era|July 2021
My eternal enigma.
Rimli Bhattacharya

I sat in front of the mirror for my dose of make-up. Oh damn it! Lipstick and kohl are getting over, I need to buy them. Two more additions in that errand list of mine. I looked at the mirror and felt like an ogre.

It was just another busy day for me, the morning blues, sitting on my study desk I was making the list of chores I had to finish today. Bank, grocery, electricity bills and then I have to run to my work. I had taken a half day today to finish all these stupid errands.

Sigh! I need a break, lifting that coffee mug I went for a shower. I stood under the cold water, all the while feeling exhausted. I stepped out of the shower, reached for my cupboard, pulled out that polka-dotted red gown of mine. I don’t step out without my trademark kohl and lipstick; I sat in front of the mirror for my dose of make-up.

Oh damn it! Lipstick and kohl are getting over, I need to buy them. Two more additions in that errand list of mine. I looked at the mirror and felt like an ogre. I had dark circles under my eye; I had not slept well for the last week. Sluggishly I applied that kohl, my maroon lipstick, applied a little mascara, some blush on my cheeks. No, I won’t wear my glasses; they are only for reading and writing. But why do I need to do such a lot of make-up for these mundane chores? No, I will never improve.

Wearing the stilettos I left my house. Something is wrong with me today. I am not feeling that good, but why is it? Anyway, life has to go on, and I am single, so I need to do all by myself. Plugging my earphones, tuning to some songs I stepped out of the house. It is a windy day, the sky is overcast and it might rain, no I won’t carry an umbrella today. Let it rain let me get drenched and fall sick and lie on that bed for a week.

I didn’t realise I had reached the beach and have forgotten the market route. Fair enough, I will break my rules today, I won’t even go to my work and there is no need to inform my office. I am done, exhausted. I sat on the sand; made circles with a stick, made a few sketches when I got a feel someone is watching me. Women have a powerful sixth sense; it’s a gift to us and to me that sense is very dominant.

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