The Best Medicine Is Your Lifestyle
Woman's Era|October 2021
No Medicine or treatment is better than adopting a healthy lifestyle.
Anindita Aich

Do you know? A very small percent of the health outcomes in India is directly related to the clinical care that we receive that is the quality of the doctors or medical infrastructure etc. The remaining large percent is directly related to our personal health behaviors, socioeconomic factors, and most importantly to the physical environment around us. So, the chronic disease epidemic that has really taken a toll on humans in the last 50 years including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, dementia, cancer, these things can be attributed to the cumulative affect of all the lifestyle choices that we make every day. For the most part, these diseases happen by choice not by chance. And unfortunately, all the medicines and procedures we go through to combat them, might slow down the impending disability and disease but it is rarely able to bring us back to the state of complete resilience and well-being. But what if we could change the game and create a way that can bring both along healthspan and lifespan?

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