Pandemic And Women's Well-Being
Woman's Era|September 2021
Pandemic and its effect on the lives of people especially women.
Anindita Aich

Covid -19 pandemic has impacted the live of millions, but it has not done so equally. The pandemic is not gender-neutral it has different impacts on men and women as a result of a number of factors in terms of their biology and physiology but also their social and economic roles in the society they live in. More women are at the risk of losing their jobs than men due to the global pandemic. Because around 40% of all employed women work in industries were hit by Covid-19. Many are facing less reliable income and, in some places, health care. The very job that women hold is also putting their health at risk. Globally, about 70% of healthcare workers are women and are more likely to come in contact with Covid19. Women are also more likely to hold jobs that are underpaid, unprotected and at unhygienic spaces. Economic responses to the pandemic must take gender into account to tackle this inequality head on.

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