Never Do This To A Child Of Fighting Parents
Woman's Era|May 2019

Guide to guidance.

Jyoti Galada

Differences happen with almost every couple at some point. But sorting them out in a mature way, refusing to involve the kids and avoiding misbehaviour, name calling and violence in front of the child will teach the child to solve disagreements in a healthy way.

But this generally may not happen with each couple. They may resort to violent behaviours like shouting, throwing objects at each other, abusing, threatening and hitting. It’s a wrong notion that kids get used to it. They don’t! All this not only disturbs the mental and emotional health of the child but also makes it impossible to keep the matter a secret from others, letting neighours and other family members know about the same. And once the world comes to know about their differences it’s their child who suffers the most though, being innocent, different people react in different ways with that child. If you know any such couple, never do the following with their child.

Never extract details from a child

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