Woman's Era|March 2021
5 myths to bust regarding peaceful act of attaining higher-self esteem.
Disha Sharma

Meditation is a solution to cope with all the daily problems. Be it a toxic working environment or a constant quarrel, mostly we are recommended to practice meditation. No matter what, the yoga experts’ videos and tips and tricks are all over the internet indicating it as a great stress-buster and anxiety resolution.

The sudden outbreak of a deadly pandemic Coronavirus has given us more reason to make it a habit of meditation. Unfortunately, due to our working from home hectic and strenuous days in the present scenario, it is quite difficult to follow the meditative procedure as it requires a lot of time.

But if one tries to take out some minutes to allow them to breathe in mind, they can change the brain waves in another direction. This direction generally leads to the end of the positivity making you filled with optimism and enthusiasm.

When a day starts with meditation, your mind automatically makes a plan, organize the whole day, and provides a sense of accomplishment of goals per day. Interestingly, a report suggested that in the coming years, the world witness a growing population of meditation. It has been estimated that 200–500 million people meditate worldwide.

In the past years, the practice has suddenly gained importance and immense popularity. Taking into the health benefits’ consideration, it’s no surprise that a large number of people use it.

Another study revealed that it can reduce insomnia by 50 percent among people. Most importantly, mindfulness meditation can immediately reduce post-traumatic stress disorder 73% of the time.

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