Madly Or Deeply In Love?
Woman's Era|October 2021
Feel the power of love.
Dr. Sanjay Teotia

You might agree instinctively that being deeply loved gives you strength. But does it really and why? First off, let's think about the word ‘love’ for a moment. What do you mean when you say ‘love’. To understand what being deeply loved means, we should first look at what makes us strong as humans. Then we can understand what being deeply loved is.

Deep love is something special and when we really feel love for someone, we have certain ways of showing it. A romantic connection with another person is special and should be protected at all costs. There are a few habits of a couple who have a deep love for each other that should be revered, as they show us the way to having a deep love for ourselves.

Couples in love feel intrigued by the other person and want to know more about them. It doesn't matter if they have been together for five years or ten; when you love someone deeply enough, every facts is an interesting fact. Sharing a deep love with someone means having a deep connection and sharing a system of values that matches. This allows them to live in harmony and agree on many areas of their lives together.

Couples who are deeply in love share a unique and limitless bond of friendship, trust and security with each other, they feel comfortable and safe telling one another intimate details and secrets of their lives because know that the other person will guard their secret. Likewise, each partner will protect the secrets of the other, keeping their strong bond of trust. Not only do they protect each other's secrets but couples deeply in love will protect each other's limitations also without question.

They will never do anything to upset the other and will work to ensure that their behaviour doesn't hurt the other. They will be open and communicative to make sure that both parties are happy and feel safe no matter what. Mistakes can happen and people can be upset, but the important thing is how to deal with it. Couples with deep and mature love for one another will be quick to take responsibility if they have done something wrong. They will take the steps necessary to fix their mistake and earn back the trust of their partner to keep their relationship strong.

Communication is key in all relationships and couples that have deep love are no exception. They are not afraid to tell the other person anything. They are open and honest if something is bothering them and will have a solution to the problem very quickly. This communication builds a strong connection between the two so that conflicts are few and far between. Fights happen in every relationship, it is natural to disagree.


Couples with deep love have a way of dealing with fights, however, that separates them from most couples. They respect each other too much to abuse and yell. Instead, they listen to each other's views and face each other when they argue. Having such a deep love for a person is something that comes with hard work and complete transparency. They are honest about their past, about finances and their future goals, so each person knows exactly who they are in a relationship with. This goes a long way in a relationship because there is never any anxiety over hidden secrets or whether your partner is hiding something from you.

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