Increasing Craze for Tatoo
Woman's Era|October 2021
There is also greater peer pressure among kids to look older than their age and have carnal experience.
Dr Prempal Sing Valyan
In the fitting room of Noida-based factory of designer Rakesh Agarwal, Su and her mother are having a hot debate. Apple of discord is a Lahenga worth a few lacs rupees shipped-in from Mumbai. An expensive, yellow green colour Lahenga, which Su (28) wants to buy for her marriage. The bone of contention is where to wear that — above or below the navel?

Su – whose full name is Sunanda Rastogi — wants to wear it below navel like trendy low-waist jeans, so that her hip tattoo would be visible and her provocative crab too. But her mother is fixed. She says that we have freedom to wear what we like but still there is culture. She shouted, “What will your in-laws say? How can you tie your marriage Lahenga here?”

Su says, “This is my life, my body and my marriage. You have a chillpill.”

Designer Agarwal has witnessed many quarrels like this. He, therefore, waits all this to calm down peacefully. At last, Su wins and Mrs. Rastogi accepts defeat.

Another incident took place at a Mumbai-based Pub, Where mother of Tannvi Sareen (30) has a jawdropping surprise when she notices that the cake which her daughter has ordered for her Bachelors party is made up of chocolate and is shaped like a man’s penis. Her friends were clicking her pics with cake. After that a waiter served them red wine.

In Bangluru, a woman in, her 40s, sent SMS to his man partner – ‘weather you would taste peach pastry?’ She says that ‘our relation excitement depends on our cheap sexual comments.’

Now, sexual awareness is spreading in India. Shyness has turned vocal and found words. Youngestere behave like adolscents and adolscents like youngsters. A mango juice ad Amasutra, says that no one loses temper. Nor Aamir Khan’s movie Deli Beli’s song “Bhag DK Bose Bhag, Bhag” makes no effect. Sexual show conversation, sexually provoking clothes are all normal. Now, it’s very common to hug or kiss anyone in public places.

Model Liza Malik says that she did not take out clothes to save tiger, but she can do it to save her respect. Now man and woman both wear same kind of clothes so that they can show their body. The pierce personal body parts have tatoo. Lingeries are sold more in small cities also. Sexual statuses are posted of Facebook.

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