How To Nurture Relationships During This Extraordinary Time
Woman's Era|February 2021
An extraordinary time for connection and grace.
Shalini Bhardwaj

We, humans, are innately social creatures, and just like hunger and thirst remaining socially connected is our biological need. Social interactions not only enhance our sense of self but are also important for our overall health and wellbeing.

Today, as the imperative need for social distancing has put a pause on normal socializing activities and physical distancing continues to be an important way to protect ourselves and those around us how do we create the condition for social interaction?

A psychiatrist Dr Carolyn Boulos says “The importance of staying safe has to be balanced with the very real health risks that can be caused by loneliness. During this time, it is imperative that we do not disconnect with one another. In fact, it is critical now than ever to virtually come together. “

So, here is how we can nurture relationships gracefully and maintain connections in safe ways during this extraordinary time

Cherish your connections using technology

One of the best uses of technology is that it brings people closer irrespective of the physical distance between them. By using the latest technology we can actually have some cherishable experiences. Some activities, when done together help in bonding and release endorphins, the brain chemicals that contribute to happiness like making music and playing games or watching movies. In a time when physical proximity is not allowed, we can still undertake many of these activities together through various online means. Have a game night with friends using skype, face time or google hangouts, and if you are a movie fan, sizzle some popcorn and host a virtual watch party. Even elements of sports, like competition and exercise, can be done collectively but separately using video chat applications.

In recent days, the move to online working has brought a new trend of together alone. By being online together at the same time, two colleagues or friends can make their work more enjoyable and less tedious. In an unprecedented time like this, together alone experiences have been found beneficial to the human experience. Try to organize group activities like knitting or cooking over video chat or join online classes to learn virtual yoga or a new language.

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