How To Beat The Heat Living In A Hot Place
Woman's Era|September 2021
Staying cool in a hot summer.
Bhanu Chandran

Many of the unlucky majority of us live where most of the times the climate is hot, hotter and hottest. We grumble, itch, perspire and talk about the unrelenting heat. A friend of mine who lives in Chennai once told me

it is pouring,

Really!!!, I asked excitedly.

I mean the sweat, she laughed.

This is the situation in many parts of India and some hot countries where people die of dehydration, sunstroke etc. We’re talking about the real dog days of summer, when intense heat and humidity make it impossible to sit and relax. We seek artificial means to keep ourselves cool like the air-conditioner, fan etc. Not everyone can afford the AC or the electric bill it generates. How did people manage in old days when most of the day's chores were done manually? Maybe we need to make some changes in our everyday routine that might help in feeling less hot and more cool.

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