How To Be Happy
Woman's Era|January 2022
Cultivating the happiness.
Col Arjun Sarapure

About 90% people want to live a happy life, and 10% or more aspiring to attain Moksha or Kevallya, but we forget the basic rules of nature, which teaches us to be happy. One must give away and sacrifice most of the things to remain happy. We feel happy when something goes away from us, for e.g. while passing urine, relieving of pain, giving money or wealth to the needy etc. If you remain close to the nature, you will be less prone to the disease and psychological disorders. There are a few fundamental rules to follow to be happy.

Be positive

One must cultivate the habit of smiling and remaining positive always. Being an optimistic has many advantages. Firstly, one will always find the silver line in the thickest of problems, which will reduce the seriousness of life. Secondly, your immune system will be stronger as your brain and body will be secreting helpful hormones, thirdly it will help you to live longer. According to scientists from Boston University school of medicine in the US, people with greater optimism are more likely to live to the age of 85 or older. Though it is unclear as to how exactly optimism helps people to live longer. However, they did point to other analysis which suggests that more optimistic people may be able to regulate emotions and behavior and bounce back from stress and difficulties more effectively. Stress impacts on the immune system, so there is a possibility that this means optimists cope better with infections. Common thinking is that whenever we hear, so and so became rich, the overnight first thing that comes to the our mind is that he must have been in some scam where he got the bounty. We never think that it may be because of inheritance of property from rich grandfather or mother who left the huge property in their will. One is not concerned whether he is rich or poor, so why not think positively and make our own immune system stronger.


If you want to be happy, one must follow a disciplined life. It includes getting up regularly early, (for that one must go to bed early), having regular walk, exercise include Yoga and meditation etc. Niagara cannot harness electricity unless it is confined to a narrow channel. A horse cannot win the race unless it is bound by reins. So discipline should not be considered as a burden, but it is a stepping stone to build health, wealth and happiness. One must follow disciplined life in eating, sleeping, and sparing a few moments to invest in health. If you want to enjoy the fruits of happiness of your hard-earned wealth, it is essential, that you must have good health. “Healthy mind stays in a healthy body”, and it does not come freely. P Sindhu has become a world champion in Badminton because she has invested her younger days to travel 180 km from her home to Badminton stadium, and she was without a mobile phone prior to six months of the championship. If you do not wish to come out of your comfort zone, you will be deprived of your comfort. One will not find a single example in this world, where a person attained the height and remained there by fluke, impossible.

Extracting Happiness

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