Hope -It's good to have.
Woman's Era|February 2021
He looked up and there right in front of him stood Malini his heartthrob while in Mumbai. Unbelievable it was and it was looks of surprise all around. You know him? the old man asked Very much, Appa, and you also know him through me, Malini said.
Sree Kumar

The truth they say is bitter. This incident is true and hence will not be a sweet one. But the truth has to be told now or later as it triumphs always.

The story revolves around two close friends Govind and Suresh. They parted after graduation and had no contacts or communication for over 30 years. Govind had gone to the Gulf and Suresh employed in Mumbai. They hail from the same place but when one comes over on leave the other is away. Fate had other plans and both of them accidentally meet in a commonplace after many many years. In looks, both had changed drastically with receding hairlines and body weight tipping towards the right. They embraced each other cutting short the long separation and surprisingly the friendship and warmth returned within no time.

It was good for both of them as retired ones and used to meet very often remembering those good old days.

Suresh remained a bachelor and Govind with two children married was a widower. Many a time Why bachelor? was asked and the reply by Suresh was always a smile.

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