From Homemaker To Stylish Draper
Woman's Era|April 2020
Dolly Jain, reflection of ancient traditional India in a contemporary vocabulary.

From being one’s inherited tradition to gracing the ramps of invention, the magical 6-yard fabric has been deeply rooted in our culture since its very beginning. Learning the art of draping a women’s prized possession, and successfully draping Bollywood’s most renowned celebrities, Dolly Jain talks about her transition from a simple homemaker to the industry’s biggest celebrity dresser.

At what point did you realise that you want to become a professional Saree draper?

I never thought to be a Saree stylist but was married to a family where Saree was the only dress. Initially, it was not my thing as it take a lot of time in draping them. When my in-laws refused me to wear kurta and other outfits, Saree was mandatory. Once I went to a party wearing the same Saree in an alternate way which I wore a week before and people felt that it was a new one. They appreciated my draping style. That was the point where my interest developed. Saree can be worn in different styles and can make you look elegant. Eventually I thought to take it as a profession; this is how the idea generated.

What, in your opinion, does set you apart from other professional drapers and beauticians?

When I started my career fifteen years ago, not many people were involved in Saree draping. 325 draping styles is itself a benchmark. Holding a world record of carrying a Saree in eighteen and a half-second, is different from the professional drapers. I am not a beautician; I am only a drape artist, who knows about draping Saree, dupattas, and ties. My focus is only on styling these outfits and making it look beautiful and comfortable, and doing justice to the person who is wearing it.

Who is the most memorable celebrity or politician you have worked with?

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