Feel your Wanderlust
Woman's Era|July 2021
Travelling generates ideas and learnings.
Aditi Maheshwari

Travelling is known as a source of rejuvenation and refreshment. Some people travel with the intention of spending quality time with their family and friends, some with the purpose of celebrating special events of their life like destination weddings, honeymoon, etc. Some travel with a simple view to explore new places, some in search of peace, some to reveal their status and rich lifestyle, some travel to learn about various cultures and backgrounds, some to learn peculiar skills, some to learn cuisines of different locations of the world. Everyone chooses to travel for their personal reasons which continue to vary from time to time.

When we feel we need a break to attain peace and to rejuvenate ourselves, what we are actually seeking is change for the good that penetrates an extra dose of excitement for life within us. We are basically seeking a resurgence of optimism that we may have not felt lately, an opportunity to sing the happy song and expect miracles in the world around us. We seek the ability to view new horizons. Our mindset expands when we free ourselves to notice in detail the various aspects of the world which in turn ignites passion and creativity and the will to experiment things.

Travel and creativity are magically interlinked. Multi-cultural engagements naturally give birth to creative ideas. When we involve and adapt something new, even if for a short time, it increases our understanding and broadens our perspective which makes us modest. Also, it caters the moment of curiosity. The first inklings of new growth happen in an atmosphere of freedom uninfluenced by any limited perception.

Creativity is an experimental learning where you understand what works and what does not. It flies on the wings of imagination. Travelling gives us the opportunity to talk to the locals and learn about their practices, their thoughts and their heritage in all. Great wisdom lies hidden in the most ordinary things and places.

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