Divorce – The Future Tense Of Marriage
Woman's Era|May 2021
A need of an action for breach of promises.
Jitendra Gaglani

We had been taught for ages that marriage is a union of hearts. It is a sacrosanct, inviolable and irrevocable agreement between two strangers to live together despite trying circumstances. But all that no longer holds true. Marriages are made in heaven, they say. But a few months into marriage hell is unleashed on earth as the partners who yearned to meet each other’s gaze don’t see eye to eye.

Wedding is an event. Marriage is a commitment. In these deceitful times, there is no commitment to commitment. Fuelling the brashness of spouses is the legalization of extra-marital affairs. Partners are no longer bound to remain chaste. Instead of fighting for each other, they fight for the freedom to choose one’s bedding partner. And they rationalise their act by stating “variety is spice of life.”

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