Covid And Women Entrepreneur's
Woman's Era|September 2021
Dr. Priyanka Goyat is a well-known Dental Specialist who runs the reputed dental and skincare facility, REJOVÉ Clinique in Delhi NCR. REJOVÉ is equipped with cutting-edge technology for treatments like Cosmetic Dentistry, Gum Treatment, Dental Implant, Orthodontics, Crowns and bridges, Dermatology, Botox, Cosmetology and Hair Transplant. Apart from being a dentist Priyanka is also a professional singer who has created a significant name for herself in the Indian music industry.

What motivated you to pursue a career in Dentistry & Skin Care? How do you balance it with your interest in music?

In my opinion, Dentistry and Skin Care offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and science. They have an exceptional potential to change the way people see you and how you think about yourself, which helps to significantly increase self-confidence. I have always been inclined towards assisting people, especially with their self-confidence. Perhaps this was the greatest motivation behind why I chose to follow the path of developing my own clinic dedicated to dentistry and skincare.

For me singing is not just an interest or a hobby, it's my passion and an integral part of my life. I always believe that work-life balance is not a success, it's a cycle, and in fact it's a way of life for me. Although with the pandemic things got a little difficult, but I found my way out of all this stress and workload. I am an early riser and that is the time when I do my riyaaz.

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