Awareness On Stalking
Woman's Era|January 2022
Itʼs a penal offence.
Shivani Naghnoor
Have you come across a situation where you feel someone is trying to threaten you or is obsessed with you? If so then someone must be stalking you. It is a kind of behaviour where the perpetrator instils fear to an extent of harassment. They will follow a person and send unwanted messages and emails with the intention of creating obsession or fear. We meet new people every now and then, but we do not picture potential stalkers. It is true that there are decent people. It is, however, essential to bear in mind that stalkers do exist, and it can start with a beginning or end of a relationship. In most cases, the perpetrator is someone the victim knows. What are the factors that really motivate a person to stalk? They are:

Being narcissistic

Stalkers once rejected by the victim are unable to cope with what they have gone through. They cannot perceive the feelings of guilt, shame, rejection and embarrassment in a healthy manner. Stalkers compare victims to the same superior level as themselves and they feel if I have suffered so much the victim must suffer to the same level. The thoughts that run through their mind are, “If I can’t have you no one can’’ or “if you are not suitable for me then no other person is’’ or “nobody can care for you as much as I do.’’

Having fantasies about the victim

Once the perpetrator sets an eye on the victim, they are unable to differentiate between what is real and what is not. They are determined that the victim belongs to them even when there might not be a perfect relationship. They are extremely convinced that the victim is theirs to an extent that they picture a life with the victim in their imagination.

Being highly obsessed with the victim

Stalkers have frequent obsessive thoughts about the victim, to an extent that it affects their career and regular day-to-day life. They are obsessed with their target to such a great level that they forget their surroundings.

Being rejected

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