A Magnificent Actor
Woman's Era|February 2021
"It is a kind of luxury that OTT offers," Says Pati, Patni Aur Woh fame Anant Vidhaat
Himshikha Shukla

From movies like Gunday to Sultaan, and now an extraordinary series “Pati, Patni, and Woh”, Anant had been part of many successful projects. Here's an excerpt of an exclusive interview with Anant Vidhaat.

From movies like Gunday to Sultaan, and now an extraordinary series “Pati, Patni Aur Woh”, you have been part of many successful projects. How does it feel when people do recognize and appreciate your work despite acting with big stars like Salman Khan and all?

The feeling is astounding. It is wonderful that people recognize my work. I have immense gratitude for my fans and audiences who have watched all the movies and shows I am part of. It is incredible that despite working around big stars I still got noticed. I feel extremely fortunate.

How was your experience working with Yashraj Films? Were your previous projects as an assistant director help in any way?

YRF is amazing in their treatment towards the actors, and it is wonderful how they take care of all actors on the set. I have great regards for YRF and I absolutely love to work for any opportunity that comes from them. I worked as an Assistant Director under Satish Kaushik Ji. I came to Mumbai to assist him right after my final graduation examination in Delhi. That period in particular was very important for me as I got to learn about how films are actually made. Understanding how a movie set functions and getting used to the ambiance of a filmmaking environment is very crucial. And this period of learning helped me immensely when I became an actor, as the film-making environment was not alien to me. But actually, there was a big gap between me being an Assistant Director and becoming an actor in movies, as after my assistant director days I went to Europe for around 3 years for my further in-depth actor training and then came back to Mumbai.

When did you decide to pursue acting as a career? How was your journey up to here coming from a non-acting background?

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