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Woman's Era|April 2021
How to Save Your Husband From Your Family.
Nandini Kumar

How wonderful it would be if all the relationships in our lives just clicked together perfectly like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle! When our families get together on holidays or for some functions, how we wish we could gossip with our sisters, spend time with mothers, and enjoyed our family reunions without any stressful background track running in our minds over and over again. However, in reality, many family gatherings, dinners, and parties which ought to be full of warmth, love, and joy, turn out to be uncomfortable, stressful, and full of cold-hearted confrontations. Because now we do not come alone, we bring our spouses with us, and even in the best of families, there resides one person who can make everyone else (your spouse included) uncomfortable.

As we transition from being a carefree single to a more mature married person, our families must also make space for a new member. It may be surprising, but most of the families find it difficult to do so and if the new member is different from them, then they make sure he knows it.

If you are facing the same difficulty of making your spouse and your family happy at the same time, then rest assured, you are not the first person of the last one to feel disheartened.

It is one of the most common issues that almost all married couples face and like everything else in life, it needs to be worked upon. Yes, you can have some good times with your family without your husband sulking in a corner. You can also get him to enjoy the company of your parents or siblings without wondering with guilt, if ‘he’s just pretending to be happy because of me’.

To begin this transformation, you must work with your partner and reach a level where both of you feel comfortable. The change may not be visible overnight, but if you are diligent in your effort and supportive of your partner, there will be a great difference the next time both of you show up for a family dinner.

Here are five easy ways to help you get started:

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