Queensland super vet ‘I WAS GOING TO BE THE NEXT DR CHRIS!'
Woman's Day Australia|February 22, 2021
Dr Ray Baxter was there for orphaned dog Frankie after a tragic accident

Australia has a new celebrated vet in town - former Big Brother housemate Ray Baxter! A chocolate milk-loving, self-professed fitness fanatic who once set his sights on becoming a celebrity vet, Dr Baxter turned his back on the TV spotlight for his love of family and dedication to his clients.

Dr Baxter, 33, recently hit the national headlines again after coming to the rescue of an orphaned dog called Frankie. The pooch was the only survivor in a horrific hit-and-run in Brisbane, which killed Frankie’s owners, Matty Field and his pregnant partner Kate Leadbetter.

With the local community out in force to locate the beloved pet, Frankie was found in dense bushland the next day, terrified and confused. Taking on the distressed pup free of charge, Dr Baxter, who had known the couple for years, has been applauded for his empathy and generosity at such a tragic time.

“Everyone’s really banded together to make sure she’s OK,” he says.

Frankie suffers from Addison’s disease, which means she requires daily medication and is now being cared for by Dr Baxter and his team at the SuperVets clinic.

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