Paris Hilton ‘People Finally Know The Real Me'
Woman's Day Australia|August 9, 2021
The formerly misunderstood heiress, 40, tells Woman’s Day about her Netflix cooking show and her fourth engagement!

Congratulations on the show! How did Cooking With Paris come about?

It kind of just happened. I wasn’t planning on having a cooking show, it was something that I’d never thought of, then during quarantine, I was cooking and then all of the networks started calling. Now I have a show and I’m so excited. It’s going to be me and a different celebrity, cooking and just talking. It’s going to be fun.

Where does your love of cooking come from?

My mum [Kathy]. She taught me to cook when I was a little girl and I still love to cook. I remember sitting on the counter watching her while she cooked and loving it. I’ve loved being in the kitchen ever since then and I think I'm a pretty amazing cook.

Do you feel that people are seeing you differently now?

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