Heartbroken Queen Begs Harry ‘Please Stop This!'
Woman's Day Australia|August 9, 2021
The prince’s actions are proving too much for Her Majesty

At the age of 95, it was hoped by courtiers that the Queen could enjoy the twilight of her magnificent 69-year reign. After all, no one could ever have predicted that her grandson Prince Harry – rumoured to be her favourite – would take actions that make the end of her era as sovereign immensely difficult.


But Harry’s vendetta against the royal family took a nasty turn when the Daily Mail’s longtime royal editor Rebecca English reported the 36-yearold had signed a four-book deal with Penguin publishers – including part two of his memoir, widely speculated to be released once his grandmother has died.

“The Queen has put up with a lot – she has stoically sat by as Harry and his wife [Meghan, Duchess of Sussex] aired their one-sided story on Hollywood shows and podcasts, and launched lawsuits against newspapers the royal family like to keep on-side so they can communicate with the public,” says an insider.

“But this talk of her own flesh and blood writing several books is the final straw. She is deeply hurt and in all honesty, she is finding it hard to cope.”

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