Woman's Day Australia|August 2, 2021
She won the hearts of a nation after scoring the Big Brother crown in 2003, but when TV golden girl Reggie Sorensen sent social media into meltdown recently, she couldn’t believe how many loyal fans she really has!
Lizzie Wilson

“I wrote on Twitter how outraged I was that this nasty woman from the UK, Katie Hopkins, was even in the line-up for Big Brother VIP. She’s so unAustralian – thank goodness they deported her for flouting the quarantine rules!” Reggie, 47, tells Woman’s Day from her Gold Coast home.

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1st & Ten with REGGIE GILLIAM

Reggie Gilliam has turned into one of the best underdog stories on the Bills roster this year. The Toledo product entered training camp as a fullback with a long-shot to make the team; he finished training camp as a tight end who, in fact, had made the opening day roster. Gilliam’s lined up in a lot of different roles throughout his playing career — running back, fullback, tight end, standout special teamer — and he’s looking to continue developing as a swiss-army of sorts with the Bills. Bills Digest recently caught up with Gilliam for his thoughts on transitioning to the NFL and his big touchdown catch against the Miami Dolphins in Week 2.

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Bills Digest
October 18, 2020

Young's value is widespread

The impact Chase Young is expected to make is enormous, but it might be hard to quantify in statistical value.

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August 2020

Draft offers great promise

How did you grade the Redskins 2020 NFL Draft class? Does it really matter. It’s impossible to fairly judge a draft class even two years after they are selected, never mind two weeks or months.

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June/July 2020


Purple Cow agate comes from the McDermott area of Nevada, one of the many stones you can get straight from the Caldera Rock Shop, which is owned by the Kemp / Zuccone family.

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Rock&Gem Magazine
May 2020

Our Christmas Puppy

“I’ll never be able to love another dog,” my husband said. Somehow I knew better

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December 2019 - January 2020

Abnormal loads

In the distant past, when dinosaurs roamed the planet, truck drivers were a very different breed, made from sterner stuff than us mere mortals

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The Voice Of Golf Peter Alliss

Palmer and Nicklaus. The yips. Augusta National. Cheating. In tribute, we bring you one of the last, and a most fascinating interview with the man who should have been commentating on his penultimate Open last summer.

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I'd date Reggie, Jeff, or even BGT's Alesha ...gender just doesn't matter

Corrie Kimberly in frisky mood ahead of date show

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Star Amilia wasn't feeling fantastic

AMILIA Stewart Keating has told of how she was approached by a Fair City superfan in unusual circumstances.

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January 16, 2021

Reggie Bush On Life After The NFL

Trump, Tom Brady, Money and Mistakes

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