Rooting for ROSES
WOMAN'S WEEKLY|November 16 - 23, 2021 (Double Issue)
Dreaming of blooms in June? Start planting now

Bare all

From now until February is the perfect time to plant bare-root roses. The widest choice is via mail order and prices are often more competitive than container-grown plants. Best of all, if planted now, your roses will be ready to flower in summer. To prevent roots from drying out, get them in the ground as soon as they arrive. Alternatively, store them in a bucket of moist compost until you’re ready to plant.

Patio queens

Low-growing bushy roses make a fabulous focal point spilling out of containers on a sunny patio, path or porch. Fill a pot (at least 20-30cm deep) in peat-free, soil-based compost and feed once a week in the growing season. For healthy, abundant blooms, place your roses where they catch the sun for at least half the day.

‘Queen Mother’ AGM A rounded form with soft pink, semi-double, lightly fragrant flowers. 45cm high.

‘Designer Sunset’ Lightly scented salmon pink flowers with flushes of yellow, red and cream. 50cm high.

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