How to fake THICKER HAIR!
WOMAN'S WEEKLY|January 11, 2022
Here's how to boost fine or thin locks to make them look more luscious and fuller

Clever colour

In the same way that wearing top-to-toe black makes you look slimmer, adding multi-tonal colour creates dimension in hair. Highlights and balayage (where highlights are hand-painted to create a natural sun-kissed effect) are great ways to add texture and volume. If you're unsure, ask your hairdresser for advice on what technique and colours work best for you. Or create the look at home with a specially designed kit, such as Jerome Russell Blonde Maximum Highlighting Kit, £6.49, Boots.

Switch up your shower routine

Loading thin hair with a heavy conditioner can make it look flat and lank. So here's a clever trick. Reverse your washing order, starting with conditioner, followed by shampoo to remove all traces of grease and product build-up that could weigh hair down. Charles Worthington Thicker & Fuller Densifying Conditioner, £6.99, Boots, helps to bulk out fine hair and reduce breakage.

Sort out your scalp

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