Early Summer Superstars
WOMAN'S WEEKLY|April 27, 2021
Make room for these May and June flowering beauties
Chris Morley

Floral fillers

In early summer, gardens can fall into a lull – the spring bulbs have faded and many herbaceous perennials are still to bloom. But there are options to fill the gap, ensuring your beds and containers are full of colour and scent. Bees and other pollinators will thank you for it, too, as this can be a time when nectar is scarce.

Sun seekers

Add a glittering splash of blue to a sunny corner with annual cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus). A favourite of butterflies and bees, the flowers are edible, and make a pretty garnish for salads and cakes. As well as blue, cornflowers come in jewelled colours, such as amethyst, raspberry red and deep maroon, plus pastel shades.

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