WOMAN'S WEEKLY|December 01, 2020
Greet guests with a Christmas wreath of fresh flowers hung on your front door
Esme Clemo


  • Buckets

  • Oasis wreath ring (31cm)

  • Craft knife

  • Green florist’s wire

  • Wire cutters

  • Spruce and pine

  • Eucalyptus parvifolia

  • Myrtle or pistache foliage

  • Ivy or holly or ruscus

  • Florist’s scissors

  • Five large red roses

  • Spray roses

  • Red berries, large and small

  • Mini gold baubles

  • Cut-flower food (optional)



If you can’t find the foliage we’ve used, have a hunt in your garden. Privet hedge cuttings work well as a filler, or why not use some clippings from the back of your

1 Fill a large bucket with water and place the Oasis ring on top, allowing it to soak up the water for two minutes. Remove from the water and, using a craft knife, cut away the edge of the inner and outer ring. This will help soften the arrangement. If hanging the wreath, knot florist’s wire in a loop at the top.

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