8 Ways To Keep Your Mind Healthy
WOMAN - UK|May 18, 2021
Your diet plays a huge role in what’s going on in your head

When we consider how healthy our diet is, we often think about the impact it has on our weight or how well our jeans fit, but making the right dietary choices can also have an impact on our state of mind. Now, more than ever, we need to be prioritising our wellbeing and that can start with simply being more mindful about the food we choose. So what should we be eating and why? Our expert Dr Simone Laubscher, nutritionist and formulator of the WelleCo range (welleco.co.uk), has the answers.

1 Eat three meals a day

‘I generally advocate three good meals a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner,’ says Simone. ‘This is because keeping your blood sugar levels balanced is key for both physical and mental health. Fluctuating blood sugar can cause rapid changes in mood and trigger other symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty thinking clearly and anxiety.’

Simone says that it’s best to make sure the majority of your diet is healthy. Some simple swaps can help.

For example, choose leaner cuts of meat, swap crisps for 28g of almonds, and use low-fat margarine instead of butter. ‘I also suggest finishing your evening meal about three hours before bedtime, to allow your digestive system to detox,’ she says.

2 Stay hydrated

Up to 60% of the adult body is water. Drinking the recommended six to eight glasses of fluid a day (including water, sugar-free drinks and tea) can help your body flush out toxins. This is important for kidney and liver function, as well as lubricating your joints and muscles.

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