Tickets To Enchantment
Where Washington|December 2019
Magic, Elvis’ Bible, Frankie Valli and Santa on the moon. Holiday entertainment doesn’t have to include trees and lights. This year, a plethora of sights and sounds in Washington, D.C., brings plenty of fun. From rare biblical artifacts to dazzling illusions, here’s how to soak up the magic of the season.
Jean Lawlor Cohen

Two blocks from the Mall, visitors enter the Museum of the Bible through a soaring glass vestibule, with Psalm 19 inscribed in a different language on each of 16 panels. Artist Larry Kirkland, known for grand-scale installations with embedded messages, also designed 40-foot bronze “pages” of Genesis that flank the front door. That’s the blessed entry to interactive displays, Vatican treasures and artifacts confirming the holy scripture’s impact on the modern world.

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