The Great Outdoors Guide|Year 2020
FROM R279 500

Bronwyn van der Merwe

The fibreglass and modern construction materials used in the manufacture of this caravan make it fit for this century. Though a small caravan, the width of it makes it very spacious inside. All fittings and workmanship are top class and the after-sales service from Stealth management has to be seen to be believed. No problem is too small for them to sort out immediately. The caravan tows beautifully and you almost forget you are towing. Once on-site, the erecting of the tent is straightforward. The materials used in the tent manufacture are top quality. The caravan spare wheel fits under the caravan, giving plenty of storage in the nose cone. The Stealth is a top-class caravan which should be ‘caravan of the year’.

Antoinette Kirton

• Quality

• Spacious

• Easy set-up I don’t own one yet. But it is my dream caravan.

Eddy Vink

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