Health and Wellness
Global Traveler|August 2021
Turkey offers certified medical care at competitive costs.

Centrally located within a two- to three-hour flight from many major European and Middle Eastern cities, Turkey’s visa-free access agreement with more than 70 countries already made it a desirable tourist destination. When viewed in context of its historical, cultural and culinary marvels, it’s clear why this country — with coasts on the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black seas — also consistently ranks among the top 10 medical tourism settings worldwide.

A recent statistic revealed 32 percent of patients in Turkish hospitals and clinics are medical tourists seeking treatments at more affordable rates than offered in their home countries. Though costs depend upon the type of procedure, chosen facility and outside factors (such as length of stay, accommodations and leisure choices), treatments and surgeries may be up to 90 percent less expensive than in the United States.

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