Eat Your Way Across America
Global Traveler|November 2020
Visit these U.S. cities to sample quintessentially American cuisine.
By Katie Skrzek

Deep-dish pizza. Buffalo wings. Cheese-steaks. Cities across the United States are home to iconic dishes worthy of a trip. Besides famous food destinations, many cities fly under the radar and offer delectable cuisine. Whether you want to indulge in authentic Key lime pie in Florida or hit up a hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop, there’s an option for you. America’s dining destinations are ever-evolving and always delicious.

New Orleans, long considered one of the country’s top culinary destinations, offers something for every taste, from its signature po’boy sandwich to award-winning Mediterranean cuisine. The city is also known for its bar culture — no, not those sugary daiquiris on Bourbon Street. Head to Arnaud’s French 75 Bar for its signature eponymous French 75 cocktail. Located at The Roosevelt New Orleans, The Sazerac Bar is a New Orleans institution. Order a Sazerac and gaze at the life-sized murals adorning the walls from the comfort of the lush leather chairs.

Though Philadelphia may be most closely associated with cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, and water ice, the city has seen a culinary boom over the last several years. Many of Philadelphia’s chefs and restaurants gained worldwide recognition due in part to recent award wins. Israeli restaurant Zahav took home the James Beard Award for Best Restaurant in the Country in 2019, while owner Michael Solomonov was awarded Outstanding Chef in 2017. Zahav isn’t the only restaurant with James Beard's recognition. Laurel, Royal Izakaya, Vedge, South Philly Barbacoa, and Fork are frequent nominees.

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