Stuff Magazine|December 2021/January 2022
If you do one thing before lockdown runs out: play Deathloop. No, seriously. If we weren’t here writing this review, we’d be playing Deathloop

If you played Dishonored, you’d know that Arkane loves to show off its brilliant formula of combining dynamic combat, ingenious puzzles and expansive verticality. The wonderful thing about Deathloop is that it manages to improve on this formula without any real compromises. Every facet aligns with the next beautifully, and this all makes Deathloop frickin’ incredible.

The result is a game that’s easy to pick up but almost impossible to stop playing. Comparisons with Groundhog Day – though with significantly more violence and a dearth of Bill Murray – are extremely apt, as players will essentially loop around the same day, trying to get something different to happen.

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