Dirty 30!
Stuff India|September 2021
Is it a speaker? Is it a projector? It’s both! BenQ’s latest GV30 is a loud design, designed to go loud!


₹69,990 / amazon.in

BenQ is one of the oldest, most respected projector companies in the consumer market space. With that being said, they’ve always been on the cutting edge of innovation in the world of projectors. And that’s what the GV30 is - pure innovation.

It looks like a giant Bluetooth speaker, and it is, with a projector on top. But BenQ knows better than to stick a projector atop a single giant BT speaker. That’s why they went and made it a 2.1 channel ordeal. The projector on top is a 720p affair although it can support 3840x2160p via the HDMI slot.

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