Basics done right
Stuff India|August 2021
Asus VivoBook Ultra K15 aims to seamlessly balance work and leisure time – better than most of us. So does it succeed? Read on

₹72,990 /

The design is basic. If the ROG series are the outgoing party animals, the K15 is an introvert preferring to stay home alone on a Friday night. Overall fit and finish though is good. The plastic body keeps the weight manageable at 1.8kgs, and makes it easy to carry.

The 15.6in FHD display is not the prettiest and Asus should have put some work into fine-tuning it. Colours are dull and lacklustre, and the 250 nits brightness is just enough when working indoors. The bezels around the screen are broad, and get a shiny finish which remind you of the days when laptops looked like suitcases.

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