Ghost Town
PC Gamer US Edition|February 2021
I am dead is a playful exploration of life in limbo.
By Rachel Watts

I love the laid-back vibes of hidden-object games. I like the feeling of easing into a scene and taking my sweet time searching for a long list of items. I Am Dead is a hidden-object game that keeps the puzzle elements of the genre, but is about finding out what small curiosities mean to people as much as spotting objects. It’s a game about death, but also how we remember people after they are gone through the things they leave behind.

That’s a pretty ominous introduction to I Am Dead, but it’s more upbeat than it sounds. Sure, there is talk of ghosts, the afterlife and morality, but it handles these topics with heart and a sprinkle of silliness. It’s nowhere near as dark as the name implies.

You play as Morris Lupton, an ex-museum curator who has unfortunately died and now finds himself as a ghost haunting his home, the quaint volcanic isle of Shelmerston. The afterlife isn’t quite as peaceful as Morris thought, the island’s ancient guardian has decided to retire, meaning that the volcano will erupt unless another guardian is appointed. It’s up to Morris and his ghost dog, Sparkly, to find a replacement and save the lovely seaside town from total destruction.

The best candidates for the position are Shelmerston’s deceased residents, but the only way to ask if they are up for the role is to first conjure up their spirit. With Morris’ ghost abilities, you need to delve into the memories of the living who knew the deceased, locate the objects the ghost cherished when they were alive, and then summon them from their eternal slumber. It sounds like a lot, but I Am Dead makes it as streamlined as possible, with some free-roaming along the way.

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