PC Gamer US Edition|December 2020
What the track editor says about the series’ identity

RELEASE October 16, 2020


PUBLISHER Codemasters

LINK dirtgame.com/dirt5

I’ll be honest: I am not actually cut out for level design. Normally that’s fine— because it’s not my job—but it can prove tricky when I’m let loose on a Dirt 5 build designed to showcase the series’ new Playgrounds mode. It’s a track editor, you see, letting you create time trials and gymkhana courses, and upload them for others to try out.

And yet, for all its many options, here I am wondering when placing far too many buses stops being the idle desperation of the creatively starved and starts being a valid aesthetic choice. Luckily, the build also includes a bunch of sample tracks created by Codemasters, showing off the flexibility of the editor.

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