PC Gamer US Edition|April 2021
The joys of creation and destruction in SIMCITY 2000
Chris Livingston

I don’t think city-building games, despite the perspective of looking down on all the tiny people and making decisions that can bring them happiness or ruin their lives, really make me feel that much like a god. I usually feel more like a Peeping Tom mixed with an exasperated parent. I delight in just spying on my citizens to see what they’re up to, and getting annoyed when they actually need something from me. “Fine, I’ll build you a hospital! Now stop bloody complaining all of the time so I can get back to blissfully squinting at all the little cars driving around.”

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The Dragon's Scales

“THREE YEARS I'VE been waiting, when Torquil promised he’d return them in three days. I’m not waiting three more days to get back what’s mine!” The dragon punctuated his remarks with a smoky snort and a lashing tail.

6 mins read
Cricket Magazine for Kids
October 2019

Doll it up, the Althea way

“I have learnt more with the downs because that is how we train ourselves to be better and devise methods to get those things sorted”

2 mins read
Cochin Herald
March - April 2021

2 dead in Mandaluyong fire

A woman and her 13-year-old granddaughter died when a fire broke out at a residential area in Mandaluyong City shortly after midnight yesterday.

1 min read
The Philippine Star
February 19, 2021

The Crown: Fact Vs Fiction

Royal News

1 min read
Woman's Day Australia
November 30, 2020


As Oracle opens its new cloud region in Dubai, expanding its presence in the region, the company’s regional head explains why the cloud plays a key role in the current crisis with the move towards digital transformation accelerating at an unprecedented pace

9 mins read
Gulf Business
October 2020

Still lazy after all these years

Rowley Leigh is a terrible sloth. He chose an arduous life as a chef and restaurateur because it’s the only job that forced him to work hard

2 mins read
The Oldie Magazine
March 2020

Peacemaker At The Helm

As the future head of the judicial family, the CJI-designate has shown his adroitness in smoothening out schisms within the Court and articulating a unique view on the right to privacy

6 mins read
India Legal
November 04, 2019