ViewSonic M2e
Mac Life|September 2021
A versatile, useful home projector with Wi–Fi and AirPlay support



Features 1080p resolution, HDMI, USB–C, USB–A, MicroSD, dual-band Wi–Fi, AirPlay

Projectors are primarily aimed at business users for presentations, or home cinema buffs who aren’t satisfied with a mere TV screen for watching Hollywood blockbusters. However, ViewSonic’s new M2e is a feature-packed, compact projector that is well suited for use at home, while still being affordable enough to provide an alternative to a conventional TV!

The compact projector measures just 7–in wide and deep, and stands 2–in high, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a convenient spot for it. It’s light too, weighing in at just 2lb 3oz and, as well as running off mains power, it’s also possible to power the M2e from a USB–C power bank. The power bank will need to provide at least 45W output, and the projector’s brightness will be reduced to 60%, but that’s still a handy option if you want to take it out into the garden for an alfresco movie evening on a warm summer night.

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