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Mac Life|August 2021
Sending out mixed messages
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Made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Needs iOS/iPadOS 10.0 or later

OnMail’s app is billed as “email built for today”. It comes with a host of thoughtful features but it really needs a little refinement going forward.

Starting on the inbox view, you will find a few neat tricks. Swiping from left to right on a message gives the usual options to mark it as unread or trash it. Swipe the other way, though, and you can move it to the “Done” folder, which is a repository for mail you have dealt with but do not want to delete. It’s a great way to keep your inbox tidy without viciously purging it.

There are other nifty inbox features. You can approve unknown senders before their messages enter your inbox. Attachments are popped out below their associated emails. Tracking pixels are automatically removed. However, there is no way to add flags and starred indicators, which feels like an oversight to us.

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