Kingston Workflow Station
Mac Life|May 2021
A dock for creative types
By Cliff Joseph

$129.99 From Kingston Technology,

Features USB–C port, 1x USB reader

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The Words Will Come to Me

A novelist on deadline seeks solitude in a vacation rental but finds she can't keep it all to herself for long.

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Elle Decor US
Summer 2022


Rejoice, for ridiculously quick PCle Gen 4 drives are now almost mainstream. Jeremy Laird chooses from six of the speediest NAND SSDs

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Maximum PC
May 2022

Adata Atom 50 Ssd: Affordable With Excellent Performance

"While not one of the fastest PCIe 4 NVMe drive in benchmarks, this worthy scored big time in our real-life transfers."

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February 2022

Corsair HS70 Bluetooth

A no-nonsense, versatile headset

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Maximum PC
February 2021


Bassist Timothy B Schmit looks back on being asked to join the Eagles in 1977, just as they hit the big time.

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Bass Player
December 2020

Morbid Tales

David Vincent—the man behind the bass and/or vocals in Vltimas, I Am Morbid, and solo projects—has spent his career among the low frequencies. Here he explains how it all came to pass...

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Bass Player
May 2020

Kingston A2000 Nvme Ssd: Fast And Cheap, At 10 Cents Per GB

A new low for price per gigabyte, without sacrificing much performance

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September 2019

Premio de arquitectura contemporánea

Se acaban de proclamar recientemente los ganadores del Premio de Arquitectura Contemporánea de la Unión Europea 2022 Premio Mies van der Rohe. Grafton Architects de Dublín, ha sido el despacho que se ha alzado con el Premio de Arquitectura 2022.

1 min read
Junio 2022


Today’s solutions not only reunite you with easy conversations, they also reduce your chances of having a fall, becoming depressed, and more

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Reader's Digest UK
June 2022

Distinctive Design

Aoife and Mike, owners of this stunning double fronted Edwardian house in Sandymount knew the team at Kingston Lafferty Design could bring their home to life.

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Ireland's Homes Interiors & Living Magazine
May 2022