Fujifilm X–A7
Mac Life|February 2020
Compact, light and almost perfect — it’s the ideal travel companion

Features 24.24MP APS–C sensor, 4K/30fps video, 3.5–inch LCD display, 320g

There’s something appealing about the X–A7: it somehow manages to exude old–school charm while offering pretty much everything a photographer needs. It neatly picks up where the X–A5 left off, getting some physical tweaks to the body along with performance upgrades.

From the front, the X–A7 looks identical to its predecessor, using the same X–mount on which you can attach either the bundled Fujinon XC 15–45mm f/3.5–5.6 OIS PZ kit lens (the same one that came with the X–A5) or use any of the better X–mount optics.

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