Mac Life|March 2022
The gear we’re lusting after

1 NINM Lab Long Time No See

HK$918 (about $118)


Nostalgia for the 1990s is all the rage right now, and what better way to go back in time than this achingly retro Bluetooth CD player? Clad in translucent plastic like a Game Boy of yesteryear, NINM Lab’s Long Time No See spins your discs while using Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to your speakers, iPhone, or wireless headphones. Or you can simply use the built–in speaker on the device.

The Long Time No See even comes with an internal magnet, which lets you stick it to a fridge or a bookshelf, making it something you can listen to anywhere. If you’re hankering for the days of Friends and the original PlayStation, then you’re going to absolutely love this. Now all you need is a tracksuit and a snapback hat to complete the look.

2 Freewrite Traveler

$599 From

There’s no doubting everyday life is full of distractions. If your job involves a lot of writing — or you’re dead set on sitting down to write the next great American novel — you might find yourself craving a moment’s respite from alerts and notifications so you can seriously commit some words to paper.

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