Adobe Premiere Elements 2020
Mac Life|February 2020
Turn long rambling clips into slickly–edited social media content
George Cairns

Features Guided edits, post–production keying tools, noise reduction effects, auto tagging

Like Apple’s iMovie, Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 is designed to help video makers import, fix and share their raw clips as tightly edited programs, complete with professional post–production assets such as titles and transitions.

As our iPhones can generate HD and 4K footage, we may have the problem of managing an ever–growing collection of video assets. This can involve lots of rummaging through folders in an attempt to find particular clips.

With the release of Premiere Elements 2020 it’s now easier to manage your video collection and find files more quickly. Thanks to Adobe Sensei, the Elements 2020 Organizer uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze the content of your video footage and add Smart Tags that cover common subjects such as sunsets, birthdays, dogs, cats, and so on. This is similar to the search tool in Apple’s Photos app, which also auto tags stills and clips with categories such as dogs, cats etc. Premiere Elements 2020 can now organize clips according to the faces featured in them, so you can search through auto–generated stacks of clips to find and label particular people. The Elements Organizer has been able to tag photos for years, so it’s good to see that video assets have now become easier to tag and search for in the 2020 version.

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