Will we have meaningful Halloween football?
The Giant Insider|November 2, 2020
I am struggling to come up with words for this column this week.
Jerry Foley

I truly do not know what to make of this version of Mara Tech. On the one hand, they are a talent-hungry roster with an unimaginative, Ivy League play-caller running the offense, and a defense that struggles at both the end of halves and games — basically, whenever a two-minute warning exists. The offense cannot move the ball, the running game is struggling “to put in mildly,” the passing game is beyond inconsistent, and the defense struggles on most third downs. Both sides of the ball are, at times, infuriating to watch and root for.

But on the other hand, this is a Giants team that has played hard for five and a half of their six games, with the second half of the 49ers game being the only exception. And, laugh if you dare, if they were fortunate enough to get a few breaks go their way during those first five games, they may find themselves at 2-4 or, dare I say, 3-3? Head coach Joe Judge has his Big Blue Engine That Could believing they can win, as almost every game has come down to the wire. If history has taught us anything in sports, a team that believes in themselves can be a dangerous team.

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